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  • 儿童医用体温计
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  • 儿童医用体温计

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Functions of multi-functional ear thermometer:
1. The main machine has functions of measuring ear temperature, frontal temperature, ambient temperature, measuring object temperature and displaying bangles
2. The host has unit conversion function
3. The host has the function of battery voltage self-detection
4. When the host machine detects the ambient temperature, it can invert the display function
5. The host can be placed upside down on the base to measure the ambient temperature and display time
6. The main machine has three color backlight function and multi-function frontal thermometer ear thermometer product features:
1. Diverse functions: this thermometer can be used to measure ear temperature, frontal temperature, ambient temperature and object temperature.
2. Accurate and fast: it can test the temperature in one second, conduct intelligent analysis, and then display the results.
3. Easy to use: the design of a key makes it very convenient to use.
4. Easy to clean: because the probe is waterproof design, so you can be in after each use with a clean cloth to wipe with alcohol or water, but you can't take the whole machine is immersed in a liquid.
5. Storage function: when you start up the machine, the effective results of the last measurement will be displayed automatically.
6. Fever warning: warning value can design, when measuring the body temperature, the default measurement of temperature is more than 37.6 ℃, the thermometer will "Beep - Beep" sound, back plate shows yellow, when the temperature exceeds 38.0 ℃, the thermometer will "Beep Beep - Beep" sound, back plate shows red, and then displays the ICONS of the fever
Precautions for use of multi-functional ear thermometer:
After each use, wipe with a clean, alcohol-stained cloth, but do not immerse the thermometer in the liquid
2. Do not place the product in direct sunlight or high temperature.
Don't poke with sharp objects.
Don't throw it at will, take it lightly.
Don't touch the sensor with your finger, and don't load and unload it yourself.
6. Do not put the product close to the ear canal, sweat, oil stain or other places, or it will damage the sensor head.
Don't take side temperature measurements within 30 minutes of eating, exercising or bathing.
8. When the external environment changes greatly (e.g., from indoor to outdoor), please wait 30 minutes before testing the new temperature.
9. After the test, please wait 10 seconds before starting the second test.
There is no standard temperature. Please consult your doctor if you have a fever.
11. When the environment temperature is less than 32 ℃, the thermometer will show the "LO" when the temperature of the test is higher than 42.9, thermometer will show the "Hi"
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